WINNER: Roche Diagnostics and Oxford Academic Health Science Network: Changing clinical practice 

This partnership evolved measures to protect pregnant women at risk of developing pre-eclampsia.

It included, implementing an accurate diagnostic test; conducting a randomised trial; developing a toolkit to support clinicians, midwives, patients, pathology services; and building bespoke business cases with each hospital to fund the innovation.

Women free of PE were discharged within a week, directing resources to monitor patients in need. It reduced unnecessary hospitalisation and helped reallocate beds for better purposes.


  • Age UK Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation TrustNew Care Homes
  • Efficacy and NHS Practitioner Health Programme: Providing psychological support for GPs in England
  • HARTMANN and Herts Health GP Federation: Ambulatory leg ulcer in primary care service support and improvement
  • HARTMANN and Manchester University FT: Online Logistics Ordering System
  • Radiology Management SolutionsRadiology Management Solutions working in partnership with Betsi Cadwaladr UHB to reduce radiology waiting lists
  • Villa Care and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust: Integrated discharge wards and management to improve patient flow and capacity

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