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    End Game exclusive! DH gets loved-up


    End Game’s cockles were warmed on a recent visit to Richmond House when we saw that the Department of Health’s staff were being encouraged to 1) get amorous and 2) raise money for charity.Like many workplaces, the DH is running one of those Valentine’s Day schemes where you can buy ...

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    Nicholson joins Twitter souvenir special


    End Game stands shell shocked and trembling after having witnessed history in the making – an event whose significance is on a par with Britain joining the Common Market or Ringo joining the Beatles. Yes, we were there when one @DavidNichols0n joined Twitter.NHS England’s chief executive has used his unexpected ...

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    Boardroom battles take place in the shadows


    It’s not the person having a row with you that you need to worry about, the plotters and schemers tend to do their work behind closed doors

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    Waiting times: safe, fair, short, efficient


    The Northern Ireland Assembly asked for some advice on waiting times policy. So I had a grand day out in Belfast, and this is what I suggested.

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    The difficulty of living up to high expectations


    “The challenges of taking over a leading trust”If you take over a failing trust - one in special measures - things can only improve, and if they improve significantly your career is made.If you take over one of the leading trusts, expectations are often unrealistically high. All it takes is ...

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    The revolution will not be trivialised


    End Game has learned of an underground rebellion looking to sweep away the “old guard” and bring about a new order and a better NHS world for us all.This insidious group of “heretics and radicals” first caught our eye in the Twittersphere – particularly via the tweets of radical-in-chief Helen ...

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    The blurred lines around who you can appoint


    The NHS is not democratically and locally accountable

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    Time to topple the kings of the castle


    Borgen shows a model of leadership the opposite of NHS macho management.

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    Ministerial pedigree


    End Game was impressed to discover that Norman Lamb is a descendent of the painter Henry Lamb, who was part of Sickert’s Camden Town group of post-impressionists.Thanks to a parliamentary question, we now know that the care services minister has a few of his ancestor’s works up on the wall ...

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    The blue badge test: when the director's job becomes impossible


    It can show how an organisation deals with the most basic and simple request from a customer

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    Greenhorn Nicholson


    The departing NHS England chief executive Sir David Nicholson has been accused of many, many things, but naivety has not been among them as far as End Game can recall.But perhaps he’s a more innocent soul than we thought.We learn that Sir David recently gave a speech to an audience ...

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    Particularly pleasing


    The Sunday Times list of the most influential and inspiring people in healthcare, compiled in partnership with Debrett’s People of Today, made for interesting reading, we thought.There were a few notable absences from the list selected by an “expert panel”, with neither the current nor incoming chief executives of NHS ...

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    Journalists for the Ethical Treatment of Women


    There are many joys that come from End Game’s status working on a noted health publication, but foremost among them is that we get kept abreast of what’s going on in the world of eating.That’s because many mailing list machines think that “health policy” and “mindless guff about food” are ...

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    Wanted: Business people to save the NHS


    Public sector candidates need not apply

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    Mob-ilising for great care


    What’s in a name? End Game ponders not the name a celebrity might give their first born child – that’s way too easy. The name is selected to attract the most tabloid column inches.No, End Game is contemplating, not for the first time, the meaning of the names given to ...

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    Do we expect higher moral standards from our leaders?


    Should we be bothered by what public sector leaders do outside of work?

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    Committee pity


    A recent health committee select hearing provided a fine example of our greatest political minds offering their learned insights into the health system.Sir Bruce Keogh was summoned to discuss a wide ranging agenda focused on his review of accident and emergency services, but also rambling into broader topics such as ...

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    Young people: Always board


    End Game was uplifted to learn NHS England has opened its doors to the nation’s young people.Recent board papers reveal that the mega quango was an enthusiastic participant in “Children’s Takeover Day”, which was all about listening, and learning, and engaging, and connecting.The write up does not confirm whether Bill ...

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    Customer care is such a drag


    Take a new approach to engaging with staff

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    The NAO report on NHS waiting times for elective care in England


    The NAO have done a good report on waiting times. This is an opportunity to simplify the targets, make better use of Choose & Book, and knuckle down to the hard job of getting the record-keeping right.