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    Contract planning, or last minute scramble?


    Last minute deals, plans that nobody believes in… does the annual contracting round have to be like this?

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    All stand together


    There is probably a book to be written about the naming of operations by public bodies.One of those books you see on the counter of a book shop by the till, the kind you think “that will make a temporarily amusing gift for a relative to whose Christmas present I ...

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    Your 18 week waits: November 2013 data


    Interactive maps of local NHS waits around England, showing the pressures and one year waits, with links to all the detail by organisation and specialty.

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    Honest PR


    There are so many things to love about commissioning support units that it can be difficult to know where to begin.This week, it’s their transparency and honesty that End Game loves best of all. When we were faced recently with the potentially soul destroying task of ringing round lots of ...

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    18 week waits still holding


    The NHS held steady on 18 weeks with an increase in admissions, despite signs of increased pressure on waiting times.

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    Metaphor to die for


    End Game was recently reminded that sound bites can be largely catagorised into one of three broad groups:1. The good: “It’s the economy, stupid” - well done to Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign strategist James Carville. Jolly clever. 2. The bad: remember Nick Clegg claiming ...

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    Game for a laugh


    Nothing says happy new year quite like a laboured and mirthless joke about NHS privatisation.So big End Game thanks to London Health Emergency, those funsters, for sending us a new board game to ease the January blues.The group, who are celebrating 30 years of constant panic this year, have devised ...

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    The dilemma of a tough management decision


    Managers are sometimes faced with decisions which will test their leadership skills, their willingness to act and their ability to reason over emotion

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    Six pack sensation


    Three health secretaries turned up to the farewell bash of outgoing NHS Confederation chief executive Mike Farrar just before Christmas. Jeremy Hunt was joined by Alan Milburn and Patricia Hewitt – the former two spending at least 20 minutes locked in animated private conversation.Mr Farrar’s distinguished contribution to the NHS ...

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    Heavy duties


    Before you judge a person you should walk a mile in their shoes, goes the famous maxim.Or to quote Billy Connolly: “Never judge a man before you have walked a mile in his shoes, then you’re a mile away, and you’ve got his shoes”.Staff at one hospital have taken the ...

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    Improving the world, one message at a time


    A misdirected email chain gives us insight into two of End Game’s favourite subjects: the relationship between the Department of Health and NHS England, and the everyday life of public relations professionals.The scene is a dreary Monday 6 January, millions are miserably returning to work after a holiday – among ...

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    New year, time to get a new job?


    Seeeking feedback and reacting to it is now an important aspect of senior management

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    Ministry of Truth


    End Game is a passionate advocate of grown up debate, so of course we welcome any a ministerial letter that begins with the words, “I am very sorry”.The penitent in question was Dan Poulter, who was appealing to shadow health minister Liz Kendall for forgiveness regarding “inaccuracies” in answers to ...

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    From flower power to Facebook


    I was surprised to read “80s kids will transform the NHS”

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    GPs neglected, again


    In the run up to the Yuletide holiday, many hospital chiefs received what End Game considers the ultimate Christmas gift: a personal call from the secretary of state for health.Alas, there’s only so much time a cabinet minister can spend yacking on the dog and bone, but fear not, Mr ...

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    No cause for alarm


    At last month’s NHS England board meeting chief nursing officer Jane Cummings seemed surprised by the dramatic response her talk on compassionate care received.As she settled in to her subject - the six Cs to help create a culture of compassion among nurses and midwives - a fire alarm cut ...

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    Prior's biggest fan


    End Game always loves an opportunity to interrogate the Care Quality Commission and we had a particularly nasty question waiting to lob in the direction of its chair at an improving patient care conference last month.However, following his speech on the commission’s new inspection regime David Prior made a swift ...

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    Why Sherlock could never be an NHS manager


    Emotional intelligence is increasingly seen as an important skill for people in the top jobs

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    Politicians want to slay the beast that never was


    MPs bashing the NHS is about softening up the public for the Americanisation of services

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    Longer life expectancy can be too much of a good thing


    An ageing society has to address ethical issues about when and how people choose to die