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    Big hairy audacious cliche


    End Game was chuffed to see Ara Darzi was returning to health policy world as chair of the London Health Commission, and sincerely hopes that his high quality thoughts actually get listened to this time.Thumbing through the commission’s recently published evidence summary, we also noted another blast from the recent ...

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    A new boss to navigate us through the next few years


    NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens must be prepared to change direction should he find himself going the wrong way

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    Daughters of fortune


    The world of finance is more commonly associated with mammon and the love of money, aka the root of all evil, than with holiness and the simple life of devotion to the Lord.So imagine our surprise when we learned that a group of nuns called the Congregation of the Daughters ...

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    A salty bullet


    Forget about pay restraint, referral management and primary care prescribing, there’s a new show in QIPP town apparently – bath salts.Reports have reached End Game, via fashion and beauty bible Cosmopolitan, that these “age old health boosters” could also save the NHS £14.5 billion annually.Yes, just under a seventh of ...

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    Sophisticated Simon


    By now, you should be aware that the NHS’s Lord and saviour Simon Stevens launched his descent into the NHS with an appearance on his first day in the North East of England.

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    In the NHS you need political skills to survive


    The casualty rate among chief executives is rising. To survive they need to hone their political skills. But what does it mean to be politically aware and sensitive? 

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    The Nicholson Index


    In one of his last speeches as NHS England boss, Sir David Nicholson gave his final assessment of the reformed commissioning sector, a year post-transition.Clinical commissioning groups were given a strong eight marks out of 10, and credited them for the fact that the system had not rapidly collapsed in ...

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    Beneath blue suburban skies


    If John Winston Lennon and Paul James McCartney had written Penny Lane today instead of back in the sixties they may have replaced their fond reference to the barbers shop with a hospital.And not just any hospital. Private healthcare firm Spire has announced the building at Number One Penny Lane ...

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    Shakin' Simon


    Simon Stevens’ arrival at NHS England has been marked, in what is becoming the conventional fashion, by an unfunny Twitter spoof account.Twitter fans may be aware that previous attempts to caricature Mr Stevens’ predecessor, Sir David Nicholson, rapidly ran out of puff and were nothing like as bonkers as Sir ...

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    The NHS should resist the American way


    There are too many cultural differences for US business methods to translate into success in the UK public sector

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    Florida: the future of older people's care?


    In the US, there is a bizarre lack of nursing homes

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    SRO for fun


    Tim Kelsey, NHS England’s director for patients and information and End Game stalwart, gave the audience at the HC 2014 conference last week a peculiar insight into the health service’s appraisal system for senior managers.He told delegates at the health IT jamboree that, as part of his appraisal, he had ...

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    Proper tea is theft


    End Game fans will remember, perhaps with a nostalgic chuckle, that a few months ago we exclusively revealed that Sir David Nicholson takes a Nottingham Forest mug on tour with him.The famous mug, in its new home at the HSJ national support centreWe’re still not quite sure why he did ...

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    Yesterday's man


    Sir David Nicholson – winner of End Game’s unofficial best ever person on social media award – has promised to keep tweeting about the NHS after he retires on Monday.We are sure we will continue to enjoy his weird and dangerous sense of humour for many years to come, but ...

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    CQC loses its footing


    Two senior individuals involved in the Care Quality Commission’s new hospital inspection regime have been spotted clunking around in orthopaedic boots – the sign of a nasty foot injury.An uncanny coincidence. Have they been giving some hapless trust a kicking? Or are hospitals under inspection feeling the pressure and fighting ...

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    TeeKay's banter cannon


    Tim Kelsey’s appetite for a good old josh on Twitter with his departing boss Sir David Nicholson appears undiminished despite recent events which hopefully won’t be remembered as Hitler-gate.The japery began when Sir David Nicholson tweeted a link to the now infamous Downfall parody video lampooning Mr Kelsey’s oversight of ...

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    Middle managers need to stir it up


    Team leaders should be the ones agitating for radical change

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    Hyaluronic acid: A love letter


    Hyaluronic acid. Say it with End Game. Hyaluronic acid. We love the stuff! It’s easily our favourite kind of acid.Known simply as HA to its pals, hyaluronic acid is sometimes marketed as the “fountain of youth” because it is good for the joints and revitalises the skin. We’ve been a ...

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    Sir David's leaving do


    Sir David Nicholson is now enough of an adopted southerner to have had his farewell drinks reception at St Thomas’s Hospital this week, and we made it onto the guest list.That means we were treated to canapés and free drinks – including some presumably ironic bottles of London Pride. We ...

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    Whatever happend to the battle against institutionalisation?


    Good care practices appear to have been forgotten in senior management’s preoccupation with budgets