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    'Health and social care' Bill


    We learn of tectonic movements in the exciting world of healthcare public affairs.Three consultants who developed and have recently left the successful MHP Health Mandate - Mike Birtwistle, Bill Morgan and Sarah Winstone – have formally launched their start-up rival, called Incisive Health.If Mr Morgan’s name rings a bell, he ...

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    Dirty work


    NHS England chair Sir Malcolm Grant possesses many of the characteristics which allowed former BBC presenter Des Lynam to be widely viewed as the suavest man in public life for a good couple of decades.He’s well groomed, sports a dashing ‘tache and always shows a good half an inch of ...

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    Minister for innuendo


    End Game was saddened – well, ruddy gutted if we’re honest – to learn of the departure of Anna Soubry from our lives.After just a year of saying whatever came into her head about public health, prime minister David Cameron was so impressed that he moved her to the even ...

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    I don’t need to go to hospital, I just need to go home to bed


    Sometimes the patient knows best.

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    He likes to boogie


    It sounds like Sir Malcolm Grant’s leaving bash, to mark his departure as University College London provost, was a night to remember.Local hacks reported that the NHS England chair spent the evening last June boogieing to Bjorn Again – the world’s premier Abba tribute band. They were supported by some ...

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    Blackberry Cumberlege


    End Game was a little bit bemused to discover that Baroness Cumberlege – the former Tory health minister who holds paid positions at the King’s Fund, KPMG and PWC – prefers blackberries to Black History Month.Bear with us, we realise that reads oddly. We were not aware that you had ...

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    Don’t 'unnecessarily' annoy the patients


    Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is reminder of how public sector management used to be

  • Angela Coulter

    What is the house of care?


    There are significant benefits to focusing on patients’ goals and empowering them to take an active part in their own care, says Angela Coulter

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    Hunt for answers


    Following his 10 minute row with pugnacious former Care Quality Commission chair Baroness Young at a Conservative conference fringe event, End Game could have forgiven Jeremy Hunt for going back to a darkened hotel room for a large brandy and a lie down.But credit where credit’s due, the health secretary ...

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    Lights, camera, cliche


    Drumming up support for worthy causes is a good thing – but that doesn’t give PRs carte blanche to write complete twaddle.The press release promoting the 75th birthday of the British Polio Fellowship is a case in point.“Lights, camera, Polio, action!” parped the headline on the release which went on ...

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    Running prize


    End Game was delighted to see the famous runner Clive Peedell at the recent HSJ Efficiency Awards in London.He was being honoured with a gong for devising a time-saving route from Nye Bevan’s birthplace to Jeremy Hunt’s constituency (or something). Inevitably, the co-leader of the National Health Action Party, who ...

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    Stock punishment


    We are pleased to report that Heatherwood Hospital’s fete went brilliantly and everyone had a jolly nice time - including Heatherwood and Wexham Park Foundation Trust chief executive Philippa Slinger.This was despite her being put in the stocks and pelted with wet sponges.End Game has decided not to worry about ...

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    Revolutionary measures


    NHS England last week trumpeted that it had “launched a package of revolutionary measures to ensure the voices of patients, their carers and the public are at the centre of healthcare services”.“Transforming participation in health and care,” the media release continued, “is online guidance to commissioners that aims to put ...

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    MP for barnet


    Never let it be said that politicians don’t do anything during their endless summer breaks. Those attending the Liberal Democrat conference noticed that care services minister Norman Lamb has been very busy in recent weeks growing his barnet.Regular readers will doubtless remember that about a year ago End Game compared ...

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    Bottomley's legacy


    End Game has recently returned from the Labour Party conference in Brighton, where Andy Burnham wasn’t the only former health secretary exercising the comrades.Virginia Bottomley, who served as John Major’s health secretary during the 1990s, got a number of mentions. Current Richmond House incumbent Jeremy Hunt was variously described by ...

  • Question marks

    You don't want to know the answer


    Managers are can choose to avoid bad news by not asking staff the right questions

  • Chris Hopson

    Give troubled trusts the right support to improve


    When it comes to improving a trust’s performance, we must make sure we do not blur the lines of responsibility

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    Trusts don't expect chief executives to stick around


    High flyers will always move on to the next big job, but now trusts don’t even want them to be in post for long

  • Blair McPherson

    ‘Look beyond the supermarket model for health services’


    NHS commissioners should heed the experiences of other parts of the public sector to develop a health and social care model of commissioning

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    Champagne deception


    Ministers’ celebrations to mark the NHS’s 65th birthday earlier this year reflected the tough financial times and were suitably free of razzmatazz. They unveiled some proposals to improve patient care and visited some provider trusts.However, private hospitals are less self-conscious about making a dent in the events budget.End Game was ...