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    Rite of passage


    Congratulations to Julian Hartley, formerly of the NHS Improving Quality parish, on getting a real job as chief executive of Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, where he began work on 14 October.As if the trust’s challenges – ahem, opportunities – were not sufficient, Mr Hartley received a baptism of fire when, ...

  • Lamb on Bike

    Parliamentary cycle


    End Game was pleased to see care and support minister Norman Lamb having such a lovely time in his constituency, modelling this weird bike/cross trainer hybrid.But we couldn’t help but notice that the machine was static. Should we take pedalling furiously and going absolutely nowhere as a visual metaphor for ...

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    News you can confuse


    The appointment of Simon Stevens as NHS England chief executive was greeted with near-ubiquitous ecstasy in health policy world.However the mainstream media was more circumspect, perhaps unsure as to whether to paint him as modernising visionary or private sector villain.Thank goodness then for Top News, the international English language service, ...

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    War on Jargon


    This column’s protracted War on Jargon has often felt like a futile battle.But great warriors thrive in the face of adversity and evidence this week that new NHS “partner” organisations were introducing their own management piffle to our already linguistically sullied sector has only strengthened our resolve. The latest crime ...

  • Footballers and referee

    Man management is a funny old game


    Managing conflict in the team and the art of getting rid of those who just won’t play ball

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    Do the CQC and Monitor understand 18 week waits?


    The regualtors are applying the target in ways that deter hospitals from treating long waiting patients. Let’s hear the reasons why.

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    Doctors do it best


    Word reaches End Game of an opulent evening out hosted by the Royal College of Physicians.The “Harveian Oration and dinner” is an annual feast to celebrate the memory of the college’s 17th century benefactor Dr William Harvey. Guests are treated to a look inside the RCP’s cubist-influenced headquarters, and a ...

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    Everybody hates a tourist


    End Game was wearied to hear of the Department of Health’s latest publicity wheeze, which this time involved coming up with a new number to do with health tourism (£2bn, except really it’s £300m max) and acting all tough and resolute about making that number smaller in the future.We were ...

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    Customer added value


    Word reaches End Game of a happy example of NHS leaders recognising that the wider public is a valuable source of information.An NHS England case officer had received a somewhat baffling request for information from a member of the public about whether retired GPs are able to work in private ...

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    Horror movie


    Oh good, an NHS trust has produced a video in an attempt to be funny while imparting an important but humdrum message.You may remember last year Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust had a hit with their flu fighters campaign video, which featured a normal bloke called Phil getting a hero’s ...

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    Your 18 week waits: August 2013 data


    Interactive maps of local NHS waits around England, showing the pressures and one-year-waits, with links to all the detail by organisation and specialty.

  • Older woman in lounge

    Hunt's care plan puts burden on family before state


    Jeremy Hunt’s proposals for looking after older people are all about ‘care closer to home’

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    Campaigning journalism


    End Game is delighted to trumpet an unequivocal campaigning journalism win!Last week we welcomed Incisive Health into health policy world. The new organisation, spun out of MHP Health Mandate, is led by three well known health policy luminaries including Health and Social Care Bill, aka Bill Morgan, End Game’s favourite ...

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    Managers − always look on the bright side


    Despite cuts to their budget, social services leaders appear to be relentlessly optimistic

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    Are hospital chairs overreaching their role?


    Powerful hospital chairs and non-executive directors can make chief executives redundant

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    Dive! Dive! Dive!


    A feat for fans of convoluted or plain worrying metaphors at this year’s Foundation Trust Network conference.Jeremy Hunt urged people to join the boards of troubled NHS organisations by citing the advert the explorer Shackleton is supposed to have placed in The Times.You know, the one with reference to danger, ...

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    Unexpected rise in August waiting list


    The waiting list put on a surprising growth spurt in August. Yet long-waits performance remained steady.

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    Laser guided surgery


    End Game was excited to read of a clever new cancer intervention being pioneered by University Hospital Birmingham.It’s called “CyberKnife”, but less scary than that sounds because it is actually a tiny beam of radiotherapy, and not a grudge-bearing robot with a blade.According to the blurb, “it uses technology similar ...

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    Monitor's new home


    Monitor! Dynamic, inspiring and unleashing the invisible golden hand of the market into fusty old healthcare!End Game’s favourite disruptive innovators have now largely moved from boring, civil servant-ridden Westminster to energetic, mould-breaking Waterloo.Round the back of the Old Vic and opposite a soup kitchen on Webber Street, since you ask.But ...

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    No one can provide quality care in 15 minutes


    The increasing use of “pop in” calls by social services departments will make people who need care even more vulnerable