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    A spur to recovery


    End Game salutes Spurs striker Jermain Defoe for demonstrating how hand sanitising gel should be used when on a visit to the North Middlesex University Hospital Trust.The trust sent this amazing picture taken on a Christmas visit in which children on the Rainbow ward and orthopaedic patients were given presents ...

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    Bring back awards to reward quality care


    As scandals undermine confidence in the hospitals and care homes, it is time to bring back quality awards to recognise the work of the providers and teams doing an exceptional job

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    Your 18 week waits: October 2013 data


    Interactive maps of local NHS waits around England, showing the pressures and one-year waits, with links to all the detail by organisation and specialty.

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    Waiting list grows in October for first time


    For the first time since records began, the English waiting list grew in October. Still, 18-week waits were steady. One-year waits probably got worse.

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    Will 2014 be the year of ethical leadership?


    The public sector needs to move away from ‘greed is good’

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    We didn't need all those staff after all


    Efficiency drive or purge: where does outsourcing services lead us?

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    Ta-ra Farrar


    Joint ventures are soon to be all the rage, we hear.And innovation has always been important to the NHS Confederation, that pace setter in the vanguard of change.So what better occasion for the spirit of the age to be felt than at Confed chief Mike Farrar’s leaving party, which the ...

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    Esio Cat


    As Roald Dahl’s regular illustrator, Quentin Blake drew snozzcumbers and Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. But even such a colourful imagination as his can struggle to comprehend the mysteries of NHS bureaucracy.Mr Blake sketched a new logo for Whittington Health Trust in north London: a goggle-eyed but chipper looking black cat, ...

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    The drive for equality and diversity in the NHS


    Appointing a few high profile black leaders will not change the culture within NHS trusts

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    Partnerships can make or break a provider


    There are no ideal partners in business.

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    An apple a day


    Vitality is an attribute normally associated with eating a leading brand of dog food – so End Game has long wondered what possessed a string of GP practices in Birmingham to call themselves “Vitality Partnership”.There are no dogs to be found on their website though. Overall that’s probably for the ...

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    Kick the hornet's nest


    An Essex trust is looking forward to welcoming a new intake of Filipino nurses, and sees no risk in the recruitment because they’re “more highly trained” than their English counterparts.The somewhat blunt assertion appeared in a paper discussed at Basildon and Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group’s latest board meeting and was ...

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    A gift fit for a Queen


    In times of austerity, few things glisten in HSJ email inboxes as much as press releases announcing £30m donations to hospitals.This is especially true when the organisation’s chairman announces it will grow by a quarter, with additional operating theatres, wards and consulting rooms being built.So which trust would be the ...

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    Wicked whispers


    So called “pace setting” leaders – who, according to convention, get results but leave underlings quivering and broken in their wake - have fallen out of favour in the NHS. Well, most of them are still in post but they’re all desperately unfashionable post-Francis.At the recent chief nursing officer’s summit, ...

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    Doctor Bruce


    The NHS and Doctor Who have much in common, as long-running national institutions committed to decent moral values. Both have seen much-loved figures struggle to cope with budget cuts and wonky backdrops over the decades, and both were revived by massive injections of cash in the noughties.So End Game ...

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    'Just enough' is far from good enough


    The vast majority of workers are not strivers or skivers but fall somewhere inbetween, so how can managers get the best from them?

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    The NHS's own dead parrot sketch


    Some of the sketches of the reunited Monty Python bring the new NHS to mind

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    Power games


    End Game has learned Sir David Nicholson has been broadening his cultural horizons as his period in charge of NHS England draws to a close.In recent weeks the big beast has apparently been absorbed in Game of Thrones, the glossy American fantasy TV series.The show has been described as “The ...

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    Long-waits soar in Scotland


    Scotland is achieving its main waiting times targets. Yet long-waits are soaring.

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    Taxi for none


    A patient who recently had cause to visit a West Country hospital recently regaled a tale to health chiefs about how, when told they needed to visit another trust an hour down the road, they were initially pleased to learn a taxi would be called so their records could be ...