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    Disestablishmentarianism in the NHS


    NHS trust documents are awash crimes against the English language – but rarely does health service nonsense jargon conjure religious imagery.

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    Scandinavian cool


    End Game was delighted to receive an email from some agency or another on the state of the technology market on the continent.“Swedish enterprises are cautiously optimistic about their ICT spending”, thundered the headline.End Game was humbled by how utterly reasonable the sentiment was, and wonders whether there might be ...

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    Mugging for the audience


    End Game is something of an NHS England board meeting groupie, and thoroughly enjoys travelling the length and breadth of the country so we can watch our heroes being all transparent and yet eerily in agreement about everything.But apart from total consensus on issues of policy, there is another constant ...

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    Your 18 week waits: July 2013 data


    All the local detail on 18 weeks by provider, commissioner and specialty, with interactive maps

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    English waiting list peaking just below 3 million


    The English waiting list peaks just below 3 million: the largest reported list size since April 2008. But 18 weeks performance remains steady.

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    True grit


    End Game invites you to join us in celebrating UnitedHealth UK’s first decade of investment in our humble health sector.The British wing of the US health giant entered the UK market in 2003, probably riding a wave of Alan Milburn-inspired optimism that the time had finally come for efficient, forward ...

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    Families shouldn't have to do a hospital's job


    A friend’s experience in a Spanish hopsital is a warning for the NHS

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    Celebrating our glorious NHS


    Getting the NHS to its 65th birthday without killing it completely would be a cause of celebration for any government, and joining in with the festivities is surely an easy public relations win for ministers.So End Game was delighted to read the response to a parliamentary question asking what exactly ...

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    The annual planning round (and round, and round)


    How can we structure this year's planning round, to stop it from going around in circles?

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    Minister for modesty


    Dan Poulter, the hirsute-is-too-small-a-word minister, doctor and model, has now been in office for a year.So what has he been up to? We went to his website to check on his achievement map (which regular readers might remember listed seven achievements a few months ago), but found the tool had ...

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    Letter from America


    A hearty End Game standing ovation goes to former British Medical Journal editor Richard Smith for bringing incredible personal flair to that most mundane of communiques – the “out of office” email.Here’s what a recent automated response said:“Gone to Chicago that city of hammers, meat, graft, bull, and pork to ...

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    At last: transparency on NHS IT


    David Cameron in October promised to free nurses from endless form-filling by giving them all iPads - £100m of iPads to be exact, which (bearing in mind the government’s success in previous health IT procurements) ought to buy at least 10.The PM’s involvement inevitably raised the interest of journalists who ...

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    Career advice: be opinionated, abrasive and intolerant


    Seven tips for reaching the top of the tree in your profession

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    Leadership is about taking responsibility


    Leadership isn’t just about grand visions and great strategies or inspiring staff. Often leadership is simply about taking responsibility.

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    A rich historical legacy


    First Richard III’s body was found under a council car park, now Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust has made a sensational discovery of equally historic proportions.End Game was astonished to receive a trust press release explaining how an £8m renovation project at Hull Royal Infirmary led to “a piece ...

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    PCTs: forgotten forever?


    End Game firmly believes that just because primary care trusts were bloodily sacrificed on the altar of clinical commissioning that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten.So we put in a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Health asking how PCTs performed on their final year of quality, innovation ...

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    Everything you ever wanted to know about John Ashton, and quite a lot more besides


    End Game has been enjoying the Twitter account of John Ashton for some months, mainly because it allows us to answer the question “what happens when a senior figure broadcasts whatever is on his mind, without the slightest regard to his personal reputation?”Mr Ashton is president of the Faculty of ...

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    Outpatient waits take the pain in Scotland


    Scotland does well against its two main waiting times targets. So why are outpatient waits soaring?

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    Working 9 to 5


    More evidence arrives that commissioning support units are becoming ever more businessy in their working practices.Greater Manchester CSU sent End Game an email boasting that after just four and a half months of operation they had set up a new website.The site is graced with “a modern, colourful design and ...

  • Neil Goodwin

    Don't listen at your peril


    The weekend’s media was full of the leadership lessons from last week’s parliamentary debate on Syria. Perhaps the biggest lesson is about listening.