Chief Nursing Officer & Chief Midwifery Officers

Black and Minority Ethnic Strategic Advisory Group (CNO CMidO BME SAG), NHS England Emergency Covid Response: Focus on BME Workforce Experiences 

The Institute of Fiscal Studies reported concerns that the pandemic was affecting the UK’s minority ethnic groups disproportionately. BME nurses and midwives on the front line raised concerns and the CNO CMidO BME SAG held a series of teleconferences to engage with BME staff in a safe space to listen to these.

The impact of this work cannot be underestimated as BME nurses and midwives were dying in more significant numbers than any other ethnic group. “The scale, spread and impact of the project was huge,” said judges. “The gravity of their support was lifesaving, life enhancing and life changing work - impacting staff regionally, nationally, and globally. It changed people’s lives and gave people hope.”

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Highly commended: Birmingham Women’s and Children’s FT - Employer with Heart: A New Approach to Miscarriage and Pemature Parenting in the Workforce


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