WINNER: GDm-Health: Sensyne Health and Oxford University Hospitals FT

Gestational diabetes mellitus affects thousands of mothers-to-be in the UK each year and can lead to serious complications including high rates of stillbirth and congenital anomalies. A digital health solution has reduced the number of face-to-face appointments needed and has led to better outcomes for the pregnancies.

GDm-Health started as a “proof of concept” collaboration between Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust and Oxford University’s institute of biomedical engineering. The aim was to create a method that was reliable and accurate but was also convenient for women to use and cost-saving for healthcare providers. The system allows women with out of threshold readings to be prioritised so that clinicians can focus on them.


  • ETHICON PLUS Antibacterial Sutures & The NHS Innovation and Technology Payment Award 2018-2020: ETHICON and NHS Partners
  • Insight Video Interpreting On Demand: LanguageLine Solutions
  • The Orthopaedic Pathway: Innovating post-operative care to improve outcomes: B. Braun Medical

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