WINNER: Faculty & NHS England and NHS Improvement: Applying AI to Create a Covid-19 Early Warning System to Predict Demand for Services in a Pandemic 

The pandemic tested the NHS like never before. Decisions to prevent harm had to be made every day. With multiple information sources across multiple health organisations, the lack of a single source of truth presented extreme risks to life. With world-leading experience in data science and artificial intelligence, Faculty partnered with the NHS to create predictive forecasting models to anticipate demand on health and care services. The technology allowed the NHS to make life-saving interventions, plan the delivery of care and allocate scarce resources with a degree of accuracy and confidence previously considered impossible to achieve.

Highly commended:

  • Business Systems UK and Integrated Care 24: Nexidia Speech and Text Analytics


  • Anaplan UK & South Central Ambulance Service FT: Resource Optimisation Project: Integrated Demand & Capacity Planning
  • Cerner and North London Partners in Health and Care STP: Using Near-Real Time Data and Intelligence to Support & Enhance System Resilience During the Pandemic
  • CF and NHS England and NHS Improvement: Covid-19 Vaccine Equalities Tool
  • EY & Department of Health Northern Ireland: Covid-19 Nosocomial Analytics
  • Guy’s and St Thomas’ FT: Guy’s Cancer Real World Evidence
  • LCP and Northumbria Healthcare FT: Quantifying Inequalities in Waiting Lists and Exploring Health and Societal Impacts of a Proportionate Approach to Orthopaedic Waiting Times