In this HSJ supplement, in association with NHS Confederation, key issues of data security and a hospital improvement model are discussed

Data server

Data server

In the first section of this HSJ/NHS Confederation supplement we question whether ‘pseudonymised’ records can calm the public fears about the programme.

Jennifer Trueland explores how data at source can rescue the beleaguered programme. Pseudonymisation at source could, potentially, address the concerns of both the public and the government. At the moment, however, there are no concrete signs that the government feels the same way.

Pseudonymisation is considered as an alternative to sidestep the infamous section 251 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001, as discussed by John Parry, clinical director at TPP.

Case studies are also used to illustrate how health researchers are already using pseudonymisation of data at source.

In the second section of the supplement, a hospital model is being used to inspire improvement across a whole organisation. An independent hospital group explain how they built a model that the rest of the organisation could learn from in the first article.

Martin Johnson, managing director for commercial, business improvement, infrastructure and technology at BMI Healthcare, discusses how a culture of continuous improvement can benefit patients in terms of both high quality clinical outcomes and their experience.



HSJ/NHS Confederation supplement: 'Pseudonymised' records and an inspiring hospital model