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    Can clinicians make good managers?


    In the new NHS, having the necessary management skills is more relevant than your professional background

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    Implementing localism


    A particularly bold and probing parliamentary question has caught End Game’s eye.Dominic Raab, Tory MP for Surrey’s Esher and Walton ward, exhibiting his finest scrutiny skills, queried of health minister Norman Lamb last Tuesday: “What progress his department has made on implementing local commissioning of NHS services?”Mr Lamb – ignoring ...

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    All fall down


    Heartiest End Game congratulations go to Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit, whose stand was named best in the exhibition at the Commissioning Show.One of the best things about the GM CSU’s stand was a game of giant Jenga. The bricks were marked with corporate branding and descriptions of their various ...

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    Open sesame


    Among the few perks of being a hack is being able to stumble into various events, often late and smelling of last night’s indulgences, mumbling the word “press” and watching the doors magically open.We’re like modern day Ali Babas, but without the cave full of treasure.But the old “open sesame” ...

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    The return of Bill Moyes


    Sir David Nicholson appeared to go into June on a relative high. He’d had a recent holiday, his retirement was decided, and as a result there had been an abating of the opprobrium from elements of the press and body politic.He could even have been described as ebullient as he ...

  • Blair McPherson

    Are the best leaders the "special ones"?


    How do you convince staff to do things “your way”?

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    An ear to the ground


    Regular readers may remember that End Game got the willies a few weeks ago when something called @DHMonitoring started following a couple of HSJ’s more high profile tweeters.After all, the name was a bit creepy, and it did feel a bit like someone had brazenly parked a van with a ...

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    Healthcare in flux


    A delegate at the NHS Confederation’s conference in Liverpool has been spotted drawing what appeared to be a picture of the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future, but with the patient at the centre.For any readers who didn’t tape the 80s cinematic humdinger off the telly and watch it ...

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    Soubry watch


    End Game is the biggest fan of public health minister Anna Soubry and was distressed to see her dragged into controversy after attempting to make a sensible point about women doctors.The minister for shooting from the hip - as her distractors unfairly label her - got herself in trouble during ...

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    Waiting lists and criminal offences


    It will soon be a criminal offence to supply false or misleading waiting list data. Time to get ready.

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    The new NHS CEO? Think about the challenges first


    Let’s put the guessing of David Nicholson’s successor to one side and focus on the challenges facing the next NHS England chief executive

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    The Hospital Standardised Morality Rate


    As the post-Francis funk over patient safety enters its fourth month, it seems that NHS lifers are finally beginning to point their fingers of blame directly into their own faces.In particular, at the loose morals plaguing the NHS.Evidence of this was spotted at a recent patient safety event, where a ...

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    Is it that good to talk?


    I’m unconvinced the government’s Schwartz rounds pilot will improve staff wellbeing or patient care

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    The friends and family test: all Dunn in


    When Stephen Dunn, former head of policy at NHS Midlands and East (RIP), tweeted a link to a video about the “friends and family” test last week, End Game was excited.Crayon at the ready, tongue sticking out the corner of the mouth for added concentration, End Game prepared to scribble ...

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    Scotland slips on outpatient waits


    Scotland is slipping badly on its least-enforced waiting times target. It’s not looking good for the most enforced one either.

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    Your 18-week waits: March 2013 data


    The local picture on one-year and 18-week waits across England, updated with the latest (March 2013) data.

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    Thinking the unthinkable


    End Game warmly congratulates the Conservative Party for bravely recognising the scale of the challenge the NHS faces, and daring to think outside the box in public.In this case “the box” they are thinking outside of is the principle of treatment based on clinical need.A Tory consultation paper picked up ...

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    More NHS related cakes


    After the extraordinary “Bristol stool tart”, End Game is delighted to learn that that more clinicians have decided to express their love for their jobs through the medium of cake.Members of the Royal College of Midwives have done themselves proud (and End Game a favour) by producing a breathtaking array ...

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    The English waiting list is bigger than first thought


    After fixing a slip in my calculations, the adjusted English waiting list turns out to be bigger than first estimated.

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    Scents and sensibility


    End Game has a wide range of interests, but normally we draw the line at cosmetics, so when a perfumer sent in a press release about some new smells they’ve made, we were all about hit “delete” without further thought.But just before we did, we got a whiff of something ...