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    For whom the whistle blows


    There’s no doubt former United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust chief executive Gary Walker is a controversial figure. However, End Game wonders whether we’ve not fully appreciated the scale of his achievements.Tweeting ahead of a BBC programme he featured in recently, Mr Walker pondered whether “one person’s whistleblower is another’s enemy”. He ...

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    Kelsey Uncut: Tweet 'n' delete


    End Game has been a fan of NHS England’s colourful national director for patients and information Tim Kelsey for some time - and his Twitter account in particular.The latest missives from what we like to think of as “Kelsey Uncut” were fired off after a privacy campaigner raised concerns around ...

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    Only in America?


    A gunman with a psychiatric disorder took a school librarian hostage after his Medicaid cover an out.

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    FOI exemptions revisited


    When not busy writing this page, End Game likes to while away the day composing fiendishly worded freedom of information requests, mainly because the ingenuity so many public organisations display as they find reasons to not respond to them is a joy to behold.So take a bow, Northamptonshire County Council, ...

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    A leadership balancing act


    It seems that successful senior managers who give interviews fall into two types: the ‘people people’ and the macho managers; neither are helpful role models.

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    Your 18 week waits: June 2013 data


    All the local detail on 18 weeks by provider, commissioner and specialty, with interactive maps

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    Waiting list grows more slowly as NHS catches up


    The waiting list grew more slowly in June, helped by higher admission rates. Even though the waiting list remains very large, 18 weeks performance held steady.

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    Hacks are coming: get bustling


    Readers may remember a common acquisition for any rebel-without-a-cause teenager was a “comedy” T-shirt proclaiming: “Jesus is coming: look busy”. As a teen, End Game chortled at the wit and wisdom of the slogan. As a know it all student, End Game thought it was hackneyed and naff. It ...

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    Lead from the front and behind the scenes


    The NHS requires leaders across the service who are influential and willing to learn from others

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    Exalted company


    Sir Stephen Bubb, the utterly relentless head of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, found himself rubbing shoulders with God Himself when he became the subject of a Today Programme Thought for the Day slot recently.Sir Stephen announced that he was “deeply flattered”, to be featured in such ...

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    Will the real Sir David please stand up?


    Firmly ensconced in his Quarry House office, Sir David has taken up blogging in a bid to become more open and let the people know what’s on his mind.But it seems some meanies out there don’t believe he’s been writing them himself.“This is my latest blog”, his latest blog begins, ...

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    Awash with waiting times measures


    Monitoring only the RTT waiting times standards can land you in trouble. Here’s how to stay on track.

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    The corridor of power


    A recent visit to Richmond House’s fabled fourth floor corridor of power yielded some fascinating insights into the highest echelons of the Department of Health.Norman Lamb’s office is adorned with traditional depictions of the Norfolk countryside, which Alan Partridge would no doubt approve of.Anna Soubry’s office door carries a sign ...

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    No blame − the NHS's the gain


    The Berwick reviews says the NHS should have a learning, no blame culture. But what would that look like?

  • Chris Hopson

    How should the DH allocate the £500m A&E bailout?


    The Department of Health’s plan to divert £500m to A&Es is to be welcomed, now comes the difficult job of allocating it

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    Momentous CCG success


    Commiserations to Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group, which remains one of the groups with some of the most serious limitations on its freedoms following a summer review of the CCG authorisation process. The categories of its failures – covering its engagement with practices, its constitution, and the skills of those on ...

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    A certain amount of sweat is fine


    It’s National Orgasm Day! NHS Choices excitedly informed us via their Twitter feed.The tweet, to their 84,600 followers, also included a link to the NHS Choices good sex guide. Who knew everyone’s favourite NHS website had taken an interest in improving the nation’s lovemaking?“Even the most contented lovers can have ...

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    Stress, strokes and Robin Hood


    The affects of stress on managers could have a serious impact on the NHS in future.

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    Publicity hunt


    Health minister Dan Poulter used the launch of the NHS’s procurement strategy this week to urge the service to take note of the daytime television show Bargain Hunt.Dr Dan name-checked perma-tanned presenter David Dickinson, who left the show 10 years ago, but would have been the presenter when the minister ...

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    Out of the office


    To quote Toots and the Maytals, it’s “time tough” in the NHS these days.But even bearing that in mind, End Game received a particularly sobering response to a freedom of information request showing just how far efficiency savings had gone at one Merseyside trust.It wasn’t so much the response itself ...