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    Hunt performs first u-turn


    Speaking to clinical commissioning group leaders at a recent conference in London, Jeremy Hunt admitted he had made at least one about-face since taking over the role of health secretary.It turned out that, en route to the Tottenham Court Road venue, he’d gone in the wrong door and found himself ...

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    Politics and the English language


    End Game has been a fan of minister for laughs Anna Soubry maverick style ever since she arrived at Richmond House.She’s a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm and she’s peppered her latest interview with hearty profanity.Limbering up, she declared a builder’s sign to be “fucking useless” ...

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    Absurdism and the CSU project


    End Game will not hear it said that the new NHS commissioning system is exactly the same as the old one, except with less money and a few doctors getting in the way for the first year or so.Commissioning support units, for example, are nothing like anything that existed in ...

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    Your 18 week waits: February 2013 data


    The local picture on one-year and 18-week waits across England, updated with the latest data.

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    The new culture of openness in action


    End Game was delighted to discover that as part of NHS England’s ongoing commitment to transparency, one of its senior managers has apparently started her own blog.It comes from Samantha Riley, the organisation’s director of insight. Title: “Samantha Riley’s Insight Blog (Which is Hopefully Insightful!)”Yes, hopefully it is.Actually, End Game ...

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    Could the 'Rooney rule' work in the public sector?


    A look at how attitudes to race have changed in public sector recrutiment.

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    Wicked whispers


    Which outspoken advocate of accurate data turned up late to a seminar recently because they wrote down the wrong time?End Game would love to tell you, but the event was held under solemn Chatham House rule conditions.

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    One-year waits race towards zero


    One year waits continue to fall sharply. 18 week waits, and the waiting list overall, are steady. Orthopaedic long-waits are deteriorating.

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    My trusty little revenue raiser


    End Game is all for NHS hospitals diversifying as the squeeze on their traditional sources of income continues, but we’re starting to wonder just how far this is going to go.In a flurry of entrepreneurialism, Salisbury Foundation Trust has launched a line of moisturising creams, based on one used by ...

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    Virtual public relations


    Being a web-savvy lot, End Game readers will have heard of Second Life, the online role-playing game that was big in the giddy, wasteful days before the recession.For those who were doing other things, we will explain. The game allowed players to design an outlandish character (or “avatar”) and stroll ...

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    A commercial catch 22


    Behind every good business deal is a catch.

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    Mid Staffs shows a foundation trust can go bust


    Is it possible for trusts provide excellent care while staying within budget?

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    Not sleeping your way to the top


    Separating fact from fiction about senior managers and their lives away from work

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    NHS England's self fulfilling policy


    We at End Game know you’re terribly busy and don’t always have as much time as you would like to leaf through the latest 25 page drone-fest from NHS England.So we do it for you – and we were pleasantly surprised to find a little light relief tucked away in ...

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    The Facebook metric


    It’s hard to know if health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s performance is best assessed by his level of popularity, or whether his preferred measure of success is how obscure he can remain by keeping the NHS out of the news.If the latter is best, he seems to be doing very well ...

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    More lessons from the banking sector


    Once again we have another fascinating story about the near-collapse of a bank, with the lessons again providing sound leadership learning for NHS corporate bodies.

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    Jeremy Hunt's first hand NHS experience


    All the old cynics who dismissed ministers’ plans to spend time working on the NHS front line as a cheap and stupid publicity stunt were confounded this week by Jeremy Hunt.Reflecting on the time he spent on an accident and emergency department in Watford, the health secretary noted the “dramatic” ...

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    Dogged display from Peedell poodle


    The National Health Action Party, set up in response to last year’s Health Act, is going from strength to strength, End Game is pleased to report.First came their stunning by election performance in Eastleigh in February, where they won 392 votes, way out in front of the rest of the ...

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    Nightmare on Harley Street


    Unedifying news reaches End Game from Harley Street.It appears that the illustrious London thoroughfare has been the site of some rather unsavoury discoveries. The street is home to an array of medical clinics famous for charging loads of money to rich people who are unable to confront their own mortality ...

  • Alexandra Norrish

    Innovation in healthcare: ‘There’s a way to do it better – find it’


    Alexandra Norrish on the lessons the UK can learn from the US health system’s long tradition of innovation