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    Moore confusion over women at the top


    Sir David Nicholson’s resignation (as exclusively revealed by HSJ - you’re very welcome) sparked a predictable frenzy of bile, praise and speculation about who will replace the big beast.While health select committee head honcho Stephen Dorrell has no jurisdiction over the selecting the new Commandant, his choice would at the ...

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    The dance of innovation


    End Game learns of more evidence of innovation from a commissioning support unit.NHS South CSU has listed a set of private sector partner organisations on its website. This is in line with what policymakers had strongly suggested CSUs should do, to pull in expertise and new ways of doing things ...

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    The wisdom of crowds


    The group campaigning for Stafford Hospital to remain open now have a new song to get behind, End Game learns.Titled 50,000 People Can’t Be Wrong, the song is available to listen to on YouTube or to download from Amazon.In End Game’s experience, NHS songs tend to fall into three categories: ...

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    Big data should inform commissioning decisions


    More data is available to the NHS than ever, so we should use it when making commissioning decisions.

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    The Bristol stool tart


    Readers who work in a clinically-focused setting will be familiar with the Bristol Stool Chart – a table which helps doctors and nurses understand digestive health by setting out seven distinct categories of human faeces.Sometimes a pictorial version can be seen on wards or in staff rooms.Well, presumably concerned that ...

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    A touching message


    It is gratifying to discover that the NHS in Warrington continues to nurture bold and experimental approaches to the English language.Regular readers may recall that the commissioning support unit for Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral last year won one of the Plain English Campaign’s Golden Bull awards – given for the ...

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    The DH's epic quest


    The government’s Care Bill “will give people peace of mind in hospital, care homes and their own homes”, trumpets the headline of a recent Department of Health press release.Excellent. End Game is all in favour of peace of mind. How are ministers going to impart it to the nation?Helpfully, a ...

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    Little known FoI exemptions, from CSU Cassander


    End Game’s esteemed colleague CSU Cassander identifies some little known exemptions to the pesky Freedom of Information Act

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    The power of an HSJ blog


    A trip to the health centre suggests local general practice staff have been reading my blog.

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    Sharp increase in English waiting list


    The number of patients waiting rose sharply in March, and is now higher than in recent years and may indicate waiting time pressures to come. But bed pressures over winter do not explain all the increase

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    Startling openness from NHS England


    The latest “bulletin” for clinical commissioning groups out of the Quarry House Quango In the Sky may have been a little bit too open.NHS England’s deputy chief executive Dame Barbara Hakin, writing about patient safety, writes: “Dr Don Berwick, in his advisory role as chief inspector of hospitals, spoke at ...

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    Big Brother is Monitoring you


    Now that the NHS has been wrested from the cold dark hands of Whitehall civil servants (allegedly) the Department of Health’s surveillance function appears to have turned its evil eye to social media to keep track of what is going on out there.A few startled members of the NHS Twitteratti ...

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    Worskett case scenario


    End Game received an email a couple of weeks ago that filled us with admiration for the hard work and long hours put in by NHS Partners Network chief executive David Worskett, who represents the views of private providers to the NHS.It was the night of the Lords debate on ...

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    Seddon joins the Downing Street inner Circle


    End Game’s congratulations to Nick Seddon, who has been propelled from introspective think-tankery as the deputy director of Reform, to the heady position of advisor on health and social care policy to the prime minister.Mr Seddon – a former communications director for private health provider Circle – is media savvy.We ...

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    Challenge the myth of integrated care


    Integrated care is not immune from the problems that affect the existing health and social care system.

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    The new NHS can transform mental health care


    Under the NHS mandate, new commissioners have the chance to improve mental health care throughout the NHS.

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    The problem with superficial inspections


    Some inspections of health and care providers are note much deepe than someone inspecting a second-hand car by going around and kicking the tyres.

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    A&E needs a sticking plaster as well as an overhaul


    A&E services a struggling to keep up with growing demand. Chris Hopson offers some possible solutions

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    The mystery of the missing waiting list patients


    Thousands of patients are apparently missing from the English waiting list. February is 28 days long. Together, those facts help us work out what on earth might be going on.

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    Cut the Newspeak out of redundancy announcements


    Managers and politicians should be upfront and clear when announcing bad news, not hiding behind jargon.