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  • Man drinking beer

    We're missing the signs of alcohol abuse among older people


    The over 65 population is drinking in ever greater numbers, posing a new set of healthcare problems

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    The cuisine quality commission


    A recent Care Quality Commission investigation has uncovered some unsettling truths about life in one north eastern town.Patients told the CQC that at Auckland Park Hospital, “They make an excellent meal here; [the] best in town”.End Game sympathies go to restaurant-goers in Bishop Auckland.

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    Lights, camera, inaction


    TV’s Undercover Boss is a lesson in management – for all the wrong reasons

  • Pile of report papers

    My own experience of a report 'cover up'


    I was told my report identifying serious concerns at one organisation could not be made public

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    Tredinnick's pet subject


    When the health select committee member and pro-homeopathy campaigner David Tredinnick, prefaces a question with “this may sound a little bit odd”, you know you’re in for a treat.Mr Tredinnick somehow managed steer several minutes of a recent committee evidence session, which was supposed to be about the implementation of ...

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    Incendiary reporting


    “SEND FIREMEN ON 999 CALLS INSTEAD OF AMBULANCES,” bellowed a Daily Mail headline.It was in reference to NHS England chief executive Sir David Nicholson’s recent Commons health select committee appearance in which he said he had given thought to the idea of the fire service “supporting paramedics”.A very boring quote ...

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    There was a light...


    Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has revealed that he used to really like The Smiths, but has gone off them a bit in recent years.In a weirdly lengthy interview with the Independent (one would think his fomulation of a new top-down reorganisation of the health and care service would be ...

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    Wicked whispers


    End Game has been handed a set of emails showing how Department of Health flacks handled(ish) one of the more recent NHS crises.They made interesting reading, considering how divorced from each other NHS England and the Department of Health are supposed to be post-liberation of the NHS.In one, a Richmond ...

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    Chirpy man


    It seems the NHS has been freed from central control to such an extent that it now occupies a mythical realm beyond the constraints of rational thought.It is only natural, post liberation, that we all think carefully about what everyone’s job actually is these days.But health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s deliberations ...

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    Grabbing the headlines


    It was refreshing to see the Foundation Trust Network launching a staunch defence of the Care Quality Commission, amid allegations the regulator was not fit for purpose in the wake of the “cover up” scandal.Lesser interest groups might have reached for the popcorn, sat back and watched as the quality ...

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    Collateral damage


    Amid the cut and thrust of health policy debate on the internet, spare a thought for those who get caught in the middle. Foremost among the innocent victims must be long suffering Twitter user Mr Benjamin M. A’Lee.Why? Well, with the best will in the world, Mr A’Lee used his ...

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    The expert patient


    Apparently it really is true what they say about the patient being the expert.A recent Care Quality Commission report into West Cumberland Hospital quoted one patient they spoke as saying it had been “marvellous to see a holistic and multi-disciplinary team approach.”End Game firmly condemns wags on Twitter who said ...

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    The radiology for fun tariff


    An excited press release arrives from a tech firm who are desperate for us to use their name, boasting that their equipment was used to identify the bones of deceased monarch Richard III.End Game thanks them for getting in touch, but is more interested in the fact that the work ...

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    Doctor Wars


    Word reaches End Game that some American funsters have come up with a game based on the premise that medics can be a bit competitive.We don’t know where they got that idea. Anyway, “Doctor Wars” is apparently a game in which “chance and strategy are the prescription for fun”.“When doctors ...

  • Sean Duggan

    A state of emergency for mental healthcare


    Police cells are used 9,000 times each year as ‘places of safety’ for people detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act

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    Your 18 week waits: April 2013 data


    The local picture on one-year and 18 week waits across England, updated with the April 2013 data.

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    Record breaking rise in English waiting list


    The English waiting list got much bigger again in April. There will be trouble.

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    Losing le tache


    Congratulations to NHS England chair Malcolm Grant, who was awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s birthday honours list. He will now be able to hold his own among all those extremely highly respected “Sirs” of the health world, even former strategic health authority chief executives.Anyway, rising to the occasion, End ...

  • Joan Costa-Font

    Reforming the funding of long term care in the US


    The US is not that different from Europe in the funding of long term care but urgent reform is needed.

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    Man of Steel


    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope – somewhat surprisingly, it’s Phil Morley, chief executive of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust.It’s fair to say Mr Morley threw himself headlong into the organisation’s Workout at Work day by appearing in a short film made especially for the event.The ...