Anaphylaxis is an area of care often overlooked by commissioners, but there are simple, practical steps that can improve treatment quality and cut costs

The in-depth articles in our supplement examine the challenges facing healthcare providers when commissioning for anaphylaxis care. They include case studies of best practice and how to review their policies for the the condition.

In the first article, Claire Read provides an overview of anaphylaxis and the main issues facing patients and providers. She examines how smarter prescribing and better training are key to cutting costs and improving care for an often overlooked condition.

The second article looks at how providing healthcare professionals with refresher training and advice on the use of auto-injectors has been key to improving care in Norfolk and Buckinghamshire.

In article number three, we highlight how healthcare professionals in Bedfordshire respond to patient and carer requests for multiple auto-injectors.

The final article provides steps for creating a clear and consistent guideline on anaphylaxis. Considering a few key areas can quickly and easily lead to better anaphylaxis guidance, potentially improving quality and cutting costs.

HSJ’s anaphylaxis supplement is also available to download for free.

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