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    The Amazon Jungle


    If it works for Amazon then using some of their management tools and with the total backing of the board why would it not work in the NHS.

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    Same circus different clowns


    Organisation Change fatigue leaves staff exhausted, burnt out, cynical and ineffective

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    He only rings when he needs a fix


    A shortage of beds and a parents dilemma

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    Just like True Detective


    Some meetings can leave you asking what was that all about and yet the chair proclaims it was useful, every one appears to agree yet makes a mental not to send a sub next time.

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    Why doctors don't make good managers


    Doctors don't make good managers but it's not their fault

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    How the game is played


    Experience and skill are not enough you need to know how the game is played if you want to succeed

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    To Kill a Mockingbird


    The young may need their heroes but the rest of us should be wise enough to set our expectations at competent leadership.

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    The NHS doesn't do sorry


    Whether its managers fearing legal proceedings or clinicians protecting an image of infallibility the result can be a reluctance to apologise for any mistake.

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    Hospitals and illegal drugs


    Outside the main hospital doors is not just the patients unofficial smoking area its where you score. It shouldn't be a surprise that illegal drugs are available to patients or that drug addicts have health problems but it does make their stay on the ward more of a challenge. T

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    Pots of pathology gold


    END GAME: Pots of pathology gold