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  • Footballer

    The language of winners and losers


    Sports metaphors aren’t a useful way of describing life in the public sector

  • Man with clipboard making notes

    One-word inspection judgments don't help anyone


    In-depth visits and constructive criticism would be more beneficial to service users and organisations

  • Hospital beds

    Beds too hard, food too cold, nothing just right


    A folk talk from the private sector

  • Blogs

    Who would admit to being racist?


    A survey reveals that a surprising number of people view themselves as racist

  • Blogs

    Some pointers for the NHS Equality and Diversity Council


    Grand sounding equal opportunities policies and recruitment targets arrangements have not led to a scaling of the NHS’s ‘snowy white peaks’

  • Met police officer

    A change is as good as an arrest


    Do you need frontline experience to lead an organisation?

  • Blogs

    Can a leader be too good at their job?


    Sometimes a leader comes into an organisation and has instant impact, but a convoy can only go as fast as the slowest ship

  • Blogs


    Following the Daily Telegraph’s revelations this week about the “lavish” expenses being claimed by NHS England’s top table, End Game was left wondering whether its chief Simon Stevens could have been handed a better opportunity to do what all new bosses do best: to draw a line in the sand. The

  • Blogs

    The 6cs


    If you’re struggling to remember the six Cs of compassionate care then fear no more – there is now an allegedly catchy song to assist.Accompanied by plink plonk piano and stirring guitar strings, student nurse and Caremaker general Samuel McPhail has woven the six Cs (care, compassion, commitment,

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    Slim pickings


    Spare a kind thought for the Trust Development Authority. Oh, go on. When news of its 70 per cent budget boost broke, it must have been greeted with glee, among its officers at least. Hotel upgrades and fine dining all round! All in the name of essential networking, of course.Now that meanie old