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    It's sometimes best not to follow the leader


    Following a success story can be difficult for leaders everywhere

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    Get a grip


    The elderly. When we were babies they cradled us, secure in the knowledge that when their hour of need arrived we would return the favour.Why don’t they just “Get a Grip”? Not our words – this is the name of an initiative from South Cheshire and Vale Royal CCGs who are keen to make things better

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    Ipods revolutionised, and possibly destroyed, the recording industry forever, with their convenience, user friendliness and the bewildering, strangely alienating level of choice they offer.Vinyl records, on the other hand, may be fragile and cumbersome, but are also beautiful and comforting objects

  • Therapy dogs end game

    Department of dogs


    End Game hears many reports of hairy beasts roaming the corridors of Richmond House but rarely are they serving any purpose which could be deemed therapeutic for anyone apart from perhaps themselves.So it was heartwarming to hear that the department’s policy teams were visit

  • Buzz Lightyear

    Looky likey


    Buzz LightyearWhen HSJ naughtily put together a joke piece for April Fool’s Day, we thought we had made it implausible enough to be self-evidently a joke.Chortling to ourselves, we ran a story stating that ministers would have to tell the trut

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    You need more than a change in the law to improve care


    Without resources and changes in attitude things remain the same

  • Jon_Restell

    Looky unlikely


    Jon Restell: the charming chief executive of the union for HSJ readers, Managers In Partnership.

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    Anyone who had a heart


    Jeremy Hunt continues to have a lovely time criss-crossing the nation visiting hospitals and seeing all the wonderful things that are going on.The latest trust to have the honour was Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Tweeteth Jeremy: “Thanks to staff @SheffieldHosp for a great afternoon seeing surgical

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    The politics of language


    It can be hard to keep up with the evolution of acceptable language for talking about people

  • Blair McPherson

    I don’t want to be a consumer, I'm happy to be a patient


    Doctor may know best on medical decisions, but they should still treat patients as adults