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    Like a circle in a spiral


    First, let us be absolutely clear that End Game is a profound supporter of NHS Change Day, and applauds both its aims and the outcomes of thousands of tiny improvements to make NHS services more considerate, caring and patient centred.But however committed our cheerleading, we will always be

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    Lincolnshire existentialists


    Lincolnshire Community Health Services Trust hosted a fun jamboree to try and help inspire some of its resident smokers to kick the habit this month.The trust laid on a day of “1940s-themed No Smoking Day celebrations”, inviting all comers toimmerse themselves in 1940s spirit, with the retro dance

  • Dean Royles director, NHS Employers, and chair of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development

    Lookey-Likey on the Radio Mikey


    VaughanRoylesHere are two twinkly-eyed, football loving everyblokes.Both have a personal style combining keen intelligence with down to earth, homespun common sense.Both enjoy wholesome pursuits – though one is into cooking and the other

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    Talking about talking about talking


    There was so much sense talked at the NHS England Expo, and so very much of it tweeted out by NHS England’s media team, that it’s difficult to single out highlights.But a special mention goes to the SOCIAL COMMAND CENTRE – a sinister sounding piece of apparatus which in fact commanded absolutely

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    Love over fear in managing absenteeism


    Managers need to show they care about the wellbeing of their employees

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    The long walk to the boardroom


    Are we a bunch of hard-nosed hacks who have seen too much of the cutthroat world of health policy? Yes, probably so, but even End Game’s icicle heart was warmed by a recent missive from Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust.We opened the chief executive’s report expecting the financial warnings and

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    You can't run trusts like football clubs


    It can take years for an underperforming organisation to get out of special measures

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    Sixty per cent guff


    The important matter of Monitor’s 2013-14 report and accounts was on the agenda at the regulator’s latest board meeting.It won’t be published until July. But it’s not surprising that the wheels have to be set in motion early when its proposed length is 86 pages.We’ll be honest - End Game’s heart

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    Jazz Expo


    If NHS England had promoted with the same gusto it advertised its own Expo in Manchester this week, it may well have avoided the unwelcome jaunt-up-poo-creak-sans-paddle-come-stool-storm it’s currently, which involves the laudable but tricky task of joining up

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    The Downfall of Tim Kelsey


    It would be charitable to describe as a communications fiasco, but anyone wondering about its impact on the status of NHS England’s national director for patients and information today received an unexpected answer.It came in the form of a Downfall parody video. Readers will surely be